I gotta say… this episode is a bit lacklustre. It is the first dud of the show. On the positive side, it includes a woman being buried alive…

Buried alive

For a Victorian literature student like me, this is always gonna be a winner

… but on the downside, the storyline apart from that is less than thrilling. Bla bla bla, millionaire’s wife runs off with personal trainer, bla bla bla… There’s also a B-plot about Hans Moleman’s grandson crashing a car.


Hans Moleman?

Hans Moleman

Hans Moleman!

Moleman tries to take the fall, Catherine and Warrick are tempted to let him, but THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH and they have to be honest about it. Luckily the kid gets rewarded with Warrick’s phone number at the end of it. Many ladies would run over scooter-riding little girls for less.

The kid is not the only one getting lucky – there’s a bit of Grissom/Sara action if you’re into that. Below, he’s checking she’s alright after they dig the lady out of the desert; later, she has him duct tape her wrists together in an unnecessary but enjoyable investigatory way. “I love my job,” Grissom tells Catherine. Dirty mare.

Grissom and Sara


What else. It’s Lindsey’s birthday



and all the CSIs want to buy her presents. Well, one present. Which, judging by the retro packaging, they seem to have gone back to 1964 to purchase. Maybe Grissom got it off eBay, like the pager reader thing in the previous episode.

Grissom's gift

From Grissom...

Nick's present

... and Nick. Thunder? Consider it stolen.

Nick also seems to have stolen Chandler’s shirt.

Nick Chandler shirt

Hey wait it's not even the nineties anymore

Horrendous fashion choices aside (at least it’s not the hideous grey jumper which appears in later episodes and which I will be treating with the contempt and also the wonder it deserves) Nick is basically the doofus of this episode. He keeps kind of blundering around – he almost makes Brass jump out of his skin when he pops up in his car during a stakeout, he’s left holding the chem sets when everybody else has more important stuff to do, doesn’t really understand how the voice analysis system works, and almost misses the clue to the whole case (until Grissom shoves it in his face). Poor Nicky. He’s better than this!! I know he is!