So this episode sees ‘gruesome Grissom’ (an excellent coinage by Jenna the coroner – I like her, it’s a shame that she disappears in the next few episodes) getting emotional about the crime he’s investigating: a kid who has been killed by his best friend while they’re both high on jimson weed.

Sad hot boy

Drugs're bad, mmmmkay?

The boy is quite the hottie [edit: and apparently a bit of a Hero too…] so I can understand Grissom’s emotional involvement.

Petersen Pout

Patented Petersen Pout sez... "I hope you plead diminished responsibility"

In fact, he is so upset by the whole thing that he has to take the Pout on the New York New York rollercoaster (an excellent ride on which I myself have rid), the first appearance of a hobby which gets referenced many times in future episodes. The whole sequence of Grissom doing a mournful face while whizzing round the sky is absolute gold (maybe one day I will set it to an appropriate soundtrack) but I have selected a pout picture as particularly pleasing to my many fans (ahem).

Petersen Pout on a rollercoaster

Pouting through the pain

At least this off-her-face lady at an illegal desert rave does her best to cheer him up.

Grissom gets hugged

Warrick thinks she's on ecstasy but I know it's just the PPP working its magic

Meanwhile a man (if not a face) we will soon grow to know and love makes his first appearance – step up step up David the assistant coroner! Woop.

David the coroner

What a jolly fellow

He cracks onto Sara with an excellent line, which she somehow manages to resist.

David: I really admire the gusto with which you approach your job.

Sara Sidle big mouth

I think this is what he is talking about

Sara, in this episode, applies her gusto to a clingfilmed lady found in a dumpster

Clingfilmed body

Like a microwaveable burrito

who has been graverobbed by her own mortician. Ordinarily this would be something of a shock but let’s take a look at the man in question…

Speccy White Guy

He's white... he's wearing spectacles... I think we all know where this is going

Meanwhile Nick and Catherine have to deal with some evil lesbians

Holding hands


who aren’t really that evil but have had to kill the headmaster of the school at which they teach to stop him blackmailing them about exposing their relationship to parents. What a horrible man. He kind of deserved to die. So I guess that means Speccy White Guy is the only real villain in this whole episode… what a surprise.

Another thing that isn’t surprising is that Greg is modelling YET ANOTHER hideous shirt.

Greg Sanders bad shirt

It's a corker

Greg Sanders bad shirt

And here in close-up... it's like he illustrated it himself with felt-tip pens

In a new turn of events, he’s also got himself a necklace.

Greg Sanders necklace

I hear Catherine's all about the bling-bling so maybe this is some kind of elaborate plan to attract her

And finally… I don’t really have anywhere that I am going with this, but an excellent face from Nick.

Nick Stokes silly face

Face of "I just told an amusing anecdote about my grandfather"