After the previous triumph and disaster I would rate this episode a medium – a return to standard CSI form. It’s mostly about the overarching series storyline that appeared in Episode 1: bodies in the bath.

Corpse in a bathtub

The bath... the sleeping bag... we've all been there

The same killer has struck again and Grissom is determined not to let him get away with it a second time.

Petersen Pout

PPP sez... "I'm determined not to let him get away with it a second time"

Unfortunately that’s exactly what he does, going to have a chat to Original Suspect Paul Millander – a guy who makes rubber Hallowe’en hands, and whose prints appeared at the first scene – but leaving disappointed as Millander doesn’t keep a list of purchasers.

Paul Millander

I'm an artist, not an accountant

After a baffling piece of sleuthing involving a stolen credit card, a tramp, and a series of pictures depicting a dove escaping a pair of hands, Grissom and Catherine realise that the killer is seeking justice (seriously, this part of the case stretches my credulity something chronic… “doves mean peace… but not world peace, peace of mind… what do you need for peace of mind? justice! the killer wants justice!”). After actually speaking to the tramp, they realise just who this justice-seeking guy might be…

Paul Millander


Too bad he is all over it and has already jacked in his business and disappeared. Imagine how upset Grissom is. SOMETHING TELLS ME THIS AIN’T OVER.

Grissom's Rubiks Cube

At least he has his (ready-solved) Rubik's Cube to cheer him up

Along the way there is a happy meeting between Catherine and Grissom’s audiotape expert of choice, who I thought at first was called Sisqo but I think is in fact entitled ‘Disco’ (really…?!).


Yo Griss my homie (is obviously what is being said here)

He and Catherine take a liking to one another, much to Grissom’s discombobulation.

Grissom awkward

Feelin' like a gooseberry

There’s no follow up but I like to think Catherine gets her rocks off later. SHE DESERVES IT.

What else. Fortunately for the wardrobe dept, Greg has a couple of brief appearances, and a new shirt…

Greg Sanders

I'm trying to focus on what you're saying, but really I'm just thinking about my outfit

… and in the B-plot, Nick and Warrick are facing off over their assignment, in which a guy winds up in hospital after his car runs over the edge of a cliff. Having started the episode receiving a ticking-off for playing video games at work,


I'm kind of sad they're not playing NHL ice hockey on the SEGA. Fight! fight! fight!

Nick and Warrick

So told off

the boys’ competitive spirit is all riled up and they’re soon betting on the outcome of the case.

Nick and Warrick bet

The stakes start at $100...

Admiration and lust

... swiftly climb to $200 (is that admiration or just UNBRIDLED LUST in the doctor's eyes? he's looking at Nick so I'm thinking the latter)...

Nick and Warrick bet

... and top out at $300 before the 'victim' revives.

Fortunately for the boys’ professional integrity (and pockets), it turns out that both their theories are wrong and the vic


Just another fat, stupid tourist

got himself into the mess in the first place. What a disappointment.

Nick's the man

Don't worry Nick... you still da man (in my eyes) (and that doctor's, too, I expect)