So this episode is the CSI version of World’s Most Famous Detective Story (is that true? I feel like it might be) Murder on the Orient Express. Except this is Murder on a Las Vegas Airlines Plane.

Las Vegas Air

It's reenactment time! WOOP WOOP

Some unfortunate guy is dead in first class and none of the other passengers are talking. Adding to the tension? The CSIs have only 12 hours to solve the case before it gets handed over to the FBI… and the sheriff (gunning for a mayoral role?) wants results.


This little piggy wants... someone to arrest

Petersen Pout

PPP sez... "Tough gig"

The episode unfolds much as its celebrity predecessor might lead you to expect; most of the fun comes from the CSIs’ personal reactions to a case which says some not-very-nice things about human nature. What’s nice is that everybody’s working together.

CSI Vegas

This gives me another great idea for a series: CSI GALACTIC

By the end of the episode, Sara, Warrick and Nick are discussing murder, and whether they’d commit it:

Sara: I wouldn’t, Warrick would, and Nick’s on the fence.


"If it was between him or me, I could." BAD. ASS.

Catherine also would, if Lindsey was in danger.



So, that’s good to know. Also of interest? Some excellent Mile High Club banter between Sara and Grissom, after these passengers

Mile High clubbers


prove to be fairly crappy eyewitnesses after having shagged in the toilet through the whole performance.

Grissom: You know, high altitude increases the entire sexual experience; increases the euphoria.

Sara Sidle

Euphoria, schmuphoria

Sara: Well, it’s good, but I don’t know if it’s that good.


"Cite your sources." (Now she's got his attention)

All very thrilling and just like the Agatha version I’d say it’s a pretty memorable episode case-wise. However, whatever the unfortunate events on the plane (there’s a Samuel L Jackson joke hovering overhead somewhere but I can’t quite reach it), the episode contains only two real crimes:

Greg Sanders

The shirt. Of course the shirt.

(n.b. Greggo nickname watch: “Einstein”)


Vending machine

Vendie DISASTER!!!

Sad vendie man

Lou Everett (you bastard) I feel your pain!