So this episode is about LOVE. It starts with a nice doggie finding a bone in the desert


Errr... thanks Lassie

so then Catherine and Grissom have to get the cadets out to find all the rest (it must be so boring being a cadet, the only time they appear is when they have to search an enormous area of desert for something relatively tiny).


It's a hard knock life

The bones turn out to belong to the husband of this nice old lady

Old Lady

Chopped up body, you say? I only popped out for hairnets and catfood

… who initially tells them that he’s out shopping.

Grissom licks a bone

Tastes fishy to me... oh no, rocky. It tastes like a rock.

Anyway that all ends very ambiguously. Meanwhile Warrick and Sara investigate the murder of a male dancer (obviously I would have a hotstuff picture here normally but when I started freezeframing he turned out to be weirdly veiny and it creeped me out). They get to interrupt a wedding party


Most unsuccessful wedding since Jane and Mr Rochester swung by

and the bride (from Wisconsin… always an indicator of Idiot Tourist Syndrome) is one of the first characters to learn the lesson that ‘What happens in Vegas…’ is just something people say and not, in fact, an indication that the Strip is some kind of alternate reality.

Sad bride

Sorry love (geddit? LOVE!)

What else. Greg’s cracked out another excellent shirt (and is cracking onto Catherine – I love it when this happens. I wish she would really respond in a big way. He wouldn’t know what to do. She is TOO MUCH WOMAN for him to handle).


Is that made of denim?!

Speaking of handling women, lovely Terri the clay-handling anthropologist has returned.

Gil Grissom

Yeah and I bet you ARE pleased to see her

Griss busts out his best lines, as usual

Terri: Well, maybe you two don’t need me after all.
Griss: I would never turn away a scientist of your talent.

(Doesn’t seem a million miles away from David’s attempt to chat up Sara, but more successful here…)


POW! Grissom knows how to please a lady

Terri doesn’t bust out her best lines…

Terri: I have to apologise for not returning your call last month.
Grissom: Terri, I admire your dedication to your work.
Terri: Dedication to my work didn’t keep me from returning your call.

… ouch! Nevertheless, Grissom wheedles his way into dinner at the end of the episode.

Grissom and Terri at dinner

Actually I already ate... A ROCK.

It’s all going so well until Grissom gets a call about two decomposing bodies in a crack house… nothing ruins a date like an urgent entomological mission. Oh well.